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Sunday, December 05, 2004

YES! Europe is finally awakening to the threat of radical Islam:
From Norway to Sicily, governments, politicians and the media are laying aside their doctrines of diversity and insisting that “Islamism”, as the French call the fundamentalist form that pervades the housing estates, is incompatible with Europe’s liberal values.

The shift is not just a reaction to exceptional violence such as the Madrid train bombings, or the murder of Theo van Gogh, the anti-Islamic Dutch film-maker, by a Dutch-Moroccan. It stems from a belief that more muscular methods are needed to integrate Europe’s 13-million strong Muslim community and to combat creeds that breed extremists and ultimately, terrorism. With mixed results, governments are trying to quell the scourge by co- opting Muslim leaders to promote a moderate European Islam.

In Germany, with its three million — mainly Turkish — Muslims, and France, with its five million of mainly North African descent, television viewers were shocked when local young Muslims approved of Van Gogh’s murder. “If you insult Islam, you have to pay,” was a typical response.

“The notion of multiculturalism has fallen apart,” said Angela Merkel, leader of Germany’s Christian Democrat opposition. “Anyone coming here must respect our constitution and tolerate our Western and Christian roots.” Italy’s traditional tolerance towards immigrants has been eroded by fear of Islamism. An Ipsos poll in September showed that 48 per cent of Italians believed that a “clash of civilisations” between Islam and the West was under way and that Islam was “a religion more fanatical than any other”.
It's about time.

This is yet another blow to leftism I'd say.

William Kristol in The Weekly Standard excerpts comments coming from Arab journalists in Arab newspapers and on al-Jazeera television. The comments on al-Jazeera are the most important:
We are not being fair to the current Iraqi government. Not me, nor you, nor the other guest on this program, not even the viewers, but history will do justice to them. These people are establishing the first democracy in the Middle East. This country will be a platform for liberties in the whole region. In Iraq, the days of a leader who remains on his throne until he dies are gone. This is over. For the first time the Iraqi leader will be elected by Iraqi ballots.

Egyptian journalist Nabil Sharaf al-Din, speaking on Al Jazeera TV about the future of Iraq

November 23
The nightmare for Democrats is beginning to become a reality. A democratic Middle East would justify everything President Bush has done and it would further highlight the decline of the Democratic party as a serious promoter of American values.

I've said it before: The Democratic party is on the wrong side of history and their shame will be huge when, not if, we see a transformation in the Middle East to a much more liberal (for them) and democratic region. The Democrats and world left have fought this with every weapon at their disposal and we must never forget what they said and did to prevent this from happening.

FINALLY! Democrats may be waking up to the fact that totalitarianism and Islamic fundamentalism is indeed a greater threat to the United States than George Bush ever was.

Peter Beinart of The New Republic has written a critically important piece that Democrats must read and understand.

An excerpt:
The Democratic Party is in its worst crisis in nearly six decades — and just like last time, the only way to get bigger is to start by throwing some people out.

On Jan. 4, 1947, 130 men and women met at Washington's Willard Hotel to save American liberalism. During World War II, only one major liberal organization, the Union for Democratic Action (UDA), had banned communists from its ranks. At the Willard, UDA members met to expand and rename their group.

Announcing the formation of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), the attendees declared their principles: America should support "democratic and freedom-loving peoples the world over." That meant unceasing opposition to communism, an ideology "hostile to the principles of freedom and democracy on which the Republic has grown great."

At the time, the ADA's was still a minority view among American liberals. But, over the next two years, in bitter political combat across the institutions of American liberalism, anti-communism gained strength and by 1949, liberalism had been fundamentally reshaped.

Today, three years after 9/11 brought the United States face-to-face with a new totalitarian threat, American liberalism still has not been reshaped by the experience. Liberalism, as defined by its activist groups, remains largely what it was in the 1990s — a collection of domestic interests and concerns. There is little liberal passion to win the struggle against al Qaeda.

Two elections, and two defeats, into the post-9/11 era, American liberalism still hasn't had its meeting at the Willard Hotel. And the hour is getting late.
The problem for Democrats is that their base is so feverishly anti-American that it may lose half it's members if they do adopt a more pro-American view. This schism would ensure Republican dominance for many years to come and I'm not sure that Democrats are prepared for that. However, the alternative is a much slower slide into irrelevance that may mean the complete end of the Democratic party.

This is a very real problem for Democrats, but I wonder if the majority of them understand what is happening to their party. Somehow, based on Soapbox leftists, I doubt it.

Wow. Belmont Club features an excerpt from a 1998 edition of Proceedings, the journal of the U.S. Naval Institute, that shows the incredible duplicity of our French "allies."

It appears from this story that France, during a U.N. attempt to blockade Iraq and contain Saddam Hussein, was tracking U.S. naval movements and feeding that information to Saddam so he could continue to circumvent the sanctions.

The reasons for rejecting the form of multilateralism that John Kerry and the Democratic party seem to love so much is growing each day. This is another nail in that coffin.

The evidence is clear that France was bought and paid for by Saddam Hussein and the Democratic party should be ashamed that they defended the ridiculous charade of multilateralism for as long as they did. To include an insistence that France and Russia be allowed to dictate our national security decisions look more naive and dangerous than ever. Thank God the Democrats did not win the White House and return us to the days of circular, perpetual, useless diplomacy in the name of a multilateralism that meant we were fools and stooges for French greed.

Those days are gone. The fog has been lifted and we now see how France was behaving. It's time to treat France as the enemy that it is and, however we do it, whether overtly or covertly, make them pay for what they've done.

I know it's a bit late, but I wanted to post an update to Ukraine's election controversy.

Ukraine's high court recently ruled that another election must be held on December 26th because massive fraud corrupted the last election.

I'm sure more updates will follow.