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Friday, March 19, 2004

Wow! I find it significant to say that the U.S. has Saddam Hussein in custody in the United States.

I didn't know. I guess I assumed he was in Iraq.

Preliminary results are in and it appears that the course President Bush has followed has been brilliant and extremely effective. For example:

The U.S.-led coalition has won two tough wars. The bloodthirsty Taliban are gone. The murderous Saddam Hussein is gone. The nuclear proliferation ring in Pakistan has been smashed. Libya is disarming. Dictators in Iran and Syria are squirming. North Korea is on the chopping block. Osama's days are numbered.

Terrorist episodes regrettably continue in Iraq. But that's desperation. The tide of history has turned against the terrorists. Their management infrastructure has been badly damaged — just as Iraq's is coming together.

Small new businesses are flourishing in Iraq. Schools are open. Electricity is on. Oil is being pumped at pre-war levels. Men and women of all political stripes and religious beliefs are gaining human rights and constitutional liberties. A soon-to-be-completed free election is more than anyone dreamed possible a year ago.

At home, the Patriot Act and a strengthened security effort has so far, with God's help, prevented new terrorist attacks. Because of this American businesses have reopened and prospered since the 9/11 massacre.

The Democrats appear to be opposing our national defense for the same reason a defense attorney tries to get his client off on a technicality. The defense attorney will argue that it doesn't matter if the police found a frozen head in the accused's freezer since the search warrant was flawed and therefore his client must be set free. That is the sort of reasoning Democrats have been using for more than a year now. In fact, that is how I think of the fact that no WMD's have been found in Iraq. That's the techicality. The frozen head in this case is the mass graves and other atrocities.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Vice-President Dick Cheney:

The attacks of September 11, 2001, signaled the arrival of an entirely different era. We suffered massive civilian casualties on our own soil. We awakened to dangers even more lethal--the possibility that terrorists could gain chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons from outlaw regimes, and turn those weapons against the United States and our friends. We came to understand that for all the destruction and grief we saw that day, September 11 gave only the merest glimpse of the threat that international terrorism poses to this and other nations. If terrorists ever do acquire weapons of mass destruction--on their own or with help from a terror regime--they will use those weapons without the slightest constraint of reason or morality. Instead of losing thousands of lives, we might lose tens or even hundreds of thousands of lives in a single day of horror. Remembering what we saw on the morning of 9/11, and knowing the nature of these enemies, we have as clear a responsibility as could ever fall to government: We must do everything in our power to protect our people from terrorist attack, and to keep terrorists from ever acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

The whole thing is a devastating analysis of John Kerry's votes and quotes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Via Instapundit. This is what the French and many Europeans aren't hearing:

"It may not be palpable, but Iraq is booming," said Maria Khoury, chief of research for Atlas Investment Group, a Jordanian investment bank. "We're seeing a big increase in consumer goods flowing into the country."

Though still very low, Iraqi living standards are higher than at any time since the 1990 Gulf War, economists say, despite the ongoing bombings and killings. Oil revenues, which fund the government and its social safety net, are near prewar levels. The World Bank estimates that the economy will grow by 30 percent this year, after shrinking last year.

Like most things in Iraq, however, the economic picture is mixed.

Compare this to what the Spanish Prime Minister-elect said about Iraq and you will understand that Europe is not being told the truth about what is happening there.

I imagine a lot of Europeans will be simply dumbfounded when Iraq becomes, by far, the economic powerhouse of the Middle East. They won't have a clue how it came about and no doubt will attribute it to dumb luck or U.N. guidance.

I pity the Europeans. They will reap what they have sown.

Is Iran in the midst of a revolution? It sure sounds like it.

I know Democrats won't believe this story and the French will never hear it because French newspapers aren't reporting the truth about what's happening in Iraq so it's not a stretch to say they won't print this devastating news.

Kenneth Timmerman is featured in the New York Post with an editorial that promotes his new book, "The French Betrayal of America." In his book, Timmerman provides details of two massive oil contracts that the French had with Saddam worth--ready?--$100 billion.

Yes, that's billion with a B. Saddam and the French had a deal that if France could get the sanctions dropped then French oil companies could begin harvesting the millions of barrels of oil Saddam had promised them. It's no wonder France fought so hard to keep Saddam in power. France's opposition to the Iraq war was all for oil. Without their man in power they knew they would never rake in any of that money.

France has become absolutely despicable. France is actually joining China in naval exercises off the eastern coast of China in what can only be described as an attempt to intimidate Taiwan. I don't care how France describes the joint exercises. It's clear they are trying to kiss up to China by threatening another democracy.

The French have lost their minds. I said it earlier. The really sad part is the French people will probably never hear about the oil deals and if they do they won't care or won't believe it. Either way, France is a sick country with sick people.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Spain's surrender to Al Qaida was a stunning turn of events. The message the voters sent to terrorists all over the world was, "Please don't attack us....we'll do whatever you want."

I still can't believe the Spanish are so quick to surrender to violence and threats of violence. This is called appeasement and WWII was supposed to have taught the whole world that you do not appease these kinds of people. You don't do it!

Spain may not be a target for now, but if Al Qaida achieves it's goal of killing us all or forcing us to adopt Islam as our religion then they will eventually come back to Spain.

I just can't believe the absolutely gutlessness of the Spanish people! I can't believe they surrendered so quickly. This is a really worrisome turn of events. People will soon die all over the world in attempts by terror organizations to force other nations to surrender as well.

The left moved a step closer yesterday to destroying the U.S. as we now know it. The Democrats must be smiling and hoping that their allies can achieve similar results in other nations that are having elections this year.

I am very concerned.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

It appears that Spain has surrendered in the war against terror. I can't believe this. The Socialists have won a decisive victory and it appears that they will reverse Spain's policy of cooperation with the U.S. in the war on terror.

This sends a clear message to terrorists all over the world that terror works. Al Qaida and the Palestinians must be ecstatic.

Victor Davis Hanson has a great line in National Review:

The way things were going, belonging to Hamas or Hezbollah soon might have earned one affirmative-action status on an American campus.

On September 10, 2001 that was a real possibility for the future.

Remember the family members of 9/11 victims who were outraged that President Bush used video of ground zero in his TV commercial last week or so? Remember how upset they were? And the firefighters, omg, the firefighters were offended that President Bush would do such a thing. The horror!

Well, it was all political theater. But it's still sad that the media went along with it. They failed miserably to identify the people who were being quoted. Instead they were more than willing to accept what was being spoon fed to them. It's like reporters suddenly are stupid, lazy, or naive people who don't know when they're being conned. You're telling me that people whose job it is to find the truth and report the facts to their readers are so gullible and naive to accept what a group of activists tell them is truthful and accurate? They don't know who these people are and so they just accept whatever they say? How lazy are these people? How lazy must you be to just arrive at a press conference without knowing who's speaking. I mean if they work for a decent newspaper they should know and report when political agents could be trying to use their pages to advance a political cause. And yes, that goes for any right wing organization too.

Matthew Continetti explains who those people are and how a few people created a big controversy.