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Friday, January 16, 2004

I'm going to make a bold prediction: Carolina Panthers 33 Philadelphia Eagles 17. There. It's in print. If I'm wrong may the wrath of Eagles fans fall on me.

Before you defend Palestinians or Arabs you need to understand that the current struggle with Islamic fascists (which is who we are fighting) means that they seek to either convert you or kill you. There is no third way. That's why we must fight them. They would have killed millions on 9/11 if they could have and they would have been doing it because we aren't Muslims. The Hamas leader is telling you what the goal is:

"She is not going to be the last (attacker) because the march of resistance will continue until the Islamic flag is raised, not only over the minarets of Jerusalem, but over the whole universe," Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said."

So, the next time you get some stupid idea that this Muslim war is about poverty or injustice you need to understand that it's really about making us all Muslims. Or killing us. Those are our choices as far as Osama Bin Laden was concerned.

Exactly. If Bush lied, then the French, Germans, Russians, Israelis, British, Chinese and Bill Clinton also lied about Saddam's WMD's.

Personally, I think Saddam either moved his WMD's or simply dumped them on the ground in the desert. A man who is capable of brutal mass murder would have no compunction about simply dumping his chemical or biological weapons. As long as he wasn't in danger he wouldn't care.

Hmmm. Uranium oxide aka yellowcake, was found in a shipment of scrap metal at Rotterdam harbor. It came from Iraq. Okay, officials are saying that it most likely came from Iraq. Here's the Fox News report.

Ouch. Matt Labash is brutal to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and their television show, "The Simple Life."

I've seen a couple of episodes and I agree with most of what Labash says. The girls are spoiled rotten brats who spent most of their time in Altus, Arkansas making a mockery of working people and their lives.

Victor Davis Hanson:

Thus we can dispense with the canard that European hostility toward us is enlightened and has much to do with a genuine feeling that a retrograde United States alone endangers the health and safety of the planet. Instead that deductive hostility has everything to do with the sense of European hurt over how successful our boorish nation should not be.

Amen brother. In the days just after September 11th, 2001 the intellectuals were asking us to consider, "Why do they hate us?" and Hanson nails it: They hate us not because of poverty or perceived injustice but instead because they want to be us. The nations of the world, especially old Europe and the Arabs are angry, jealous, and generally pissed because they feel that they are superior to us in every way. How dare we dominate the world? They've been at this for so much longer and if anyone deserves to have the greatest civlization on Earth it should be them damn it!

It really is that simple. In their minds, we're stupid, unsophisticated, unelightened mutts. We shouldn't be what we are. THEY should be us. That's why they hate us.

Phil Bowermaster has an excellent piece on why death sucks. I agree, but I have to admit that I've said that I wasn't afraid of death. Phil is able to show why people like me have used that phrase when we really didn't mean it.

I stand corrected

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hehehehe. I love it.

As many of you know I visit a chat room at Excite where we debate politics and discuss current events. As late as two months ago the leftists in that room were giggling with delight because everything they were reading told them that Iraq was a quagmire, a lost cause and an exercise in futility. They were overjoyed and gloating that they had been proven right. They were hoping for Iraq to explode in civil war or for America to fail in our attempts to bring democracy to that region of the world. They would not and many probably still don't understand the miracle that will become Iraq in a couple of years.

Iraq will be a social and economic miracle and the left will be simply stunned at the turn of events. Especially European leftists. It's become clear that European newspapers and television did not present an accurate picture of what happened in Iraq. Only now are some leftists finding out what the rest of us have known for many months: The situation in Iraq is going very well.

For your consideration I present two bits of proof. First, here's a link to a translated German newspaper article that finally tells the truth about what is happening in Iraq. Second, and what is probably most distressing to Hollywood and American leftists is a piece by Sean Penn:

En route to the Free Prisoners Association, we stop in Utayfiya, where we spot U.S. soldiers guarding a sewage pumping station under repair. We approach on foot as a nearby school opens its doors for a lunch break and hundreds of children come out to engage the soldiers.

The commander of the unit is Lt. Col. Mark Coats. Coats' demeanor is confident and alert. He is accommodating of my request to photograph his soldiers and their interaction with the children. There is no question of politics here, and the warmth of these soldiers toward the children is genuine. I get the impression that such events occur daily here, and not only when journalists are present. The children are excited to visit with the soldiers, but when the street gets too crowded, I wish the soldiers a safe duty and move on.

There's more:

For Iraqis, there was no pro-war or anti-war movement last spring when the United States invaded their country. That, in their view, was a predominantly Western debate. They're used to war; they're used to gunshots. What's new is this tiny seed and taste of freedom. It is a compelling experience to have been in Baghdad just one year ago, where not a single Iraqi expressed to me opinions outside Baathist party lines, and just one year later, when so many express their opinions and so many opinions compete for attention. Where the debate is similar to that in the United States is over the way in which the business of war will administer the opportunity for peace and freedom, and the reasonable expectation of Iraqi self-rule.

Penn is not completely won over because in the very next paragraph he insists that the insurgency is gaining momentum even when hard evidence is showing that the number of attacks have fallen by about 22 percent since the capture of Saddam. All in all, I'm happy that Penn went back to Iraq.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Have you heard about the Robert Kilroy-Silk controversy that's erupted in England? In a nutshell, a British Broadcasting Corporation show host has been taken off the air for having the nerve to say that Arabs, as Mark Steyn so succinctly puts it, have a "penchant for suicide bombing, amputations, repression of women and a generally celebratory attitude to September 11....."

Who can argue that is not true? Of course all of that is absolutely true. The problem is that England is even more politically correct than the U.S. and you can't say things like that about minorities if you are a BBC employee. Wait, that's not exactly true. You can say that '"Brooklyn-born" Jewish settlers on the West Bank "should be shot dead" because "they are Nazis" and "I feel nothing but hatred for them"' and be quite safely employed by the BBC as evidenced by the continued employment of one Tom Paulin.

Oh, btw, Robert Kilroy-Silk is under investigation by the Commission for Racial Equality and he could go to jail while Mr. Paulin's words were considered merely "feather ruffling." There's no chance he'll face any prison time.

John Podhoretz also makes a Democratic win look very unlikely.

Podhoretz is predicting that Election Day 2004 will be a "watershed," especially if Dean wins (which is very unlikely), but also if Bush wins in a landslide (which has been looking likely since the GDP grew at 8.2% last quarter).

David Brooks in The New York Times makes a persuasive argument that, even though the nation is still virtually deadlocked as far as party affiliation goes, President Bush is looking to be tough to beat in November.

Monday, January 12, 2004

I'm back. Not that I expect many people to have missed me, but I will be able to post to my blog again. Yippee!

My work had been requiring me to put in 65 to 70 hours a week. Now I will only have to work between 55 and 60 hours a week. Believe me, it's a HUGE difference. I'm so happy I could just shit.