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Friday, August 22, 2003

Hollywood is lining up against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now I have to support him. Go Arnold!

The Drudge Report headline screams, "Judge Tells Hawaii Schools To End Anti-White Bigotry......", but the story he links to says nothing of the sort.

The Kamehameha School admitted a non-Hawaiian student then rescinded the offer after other schools had already started for the year. So, a judge ruled that Kamehameha School had to honor the acceptance. The article that Drudge links to specifically says that the judge emphasized that he was not ruling on the schools admission policy. Good grief. Talk about sensationalism.

The larger issue is the tax exempt status of the Kamehameha schools. If that is considered a tax subsidy it may be that the Kamehameha Schools will be required to admit non-Hawaiian students or else lose that status.

So, the Palestinians are infuriated at the death of that Hamas leader yesterday and now they are saying that the roadmap to peace is dead and that the truce is over.

I have a question. If it took the death of a Hamas leader to kill the truce, then what was that slaughter of children the other day? Was that within the guidelines of the truce? Was it understood that Israeli children could be slaughtered and the truce would still be in tact?

I'm sorry, but I can't play the middle here. The Arabs want the Jews dead and that's it. If they are serious about having a real peace with Israel I'm not seeing it. The Palestinians must stop the terrorists. Until Israel sees that the Palestinians are serious about that the peace process will not go forward. Never mind anything else. The first thing that must happen is that the Palestinians must stop the terrorists. Period. And that includes everything associated with the terror activities. It's not enough to say, "See, no Israelis have been killed" if the planning and bombmaking are going on. If the attacks are still being staged the Israelis can see that it's only a matter of time before a massive attack is carried out. They're not stupid even though the Palestinians and Europeans plainly think they are.

The real problem is that it's not popular to really stop Hamas. The Palestinian people would probably lynch any leader who tried to do just that. That's the root of this whole problem. The Palestinian people support Hamas and other terrorists and nothing more need be said. Until the people change their minds about what they want this will continue. How long it will go on is anyone's guess.

France is reporting that as many as 10,000 people died in that country's recent heatwave.

That's just staggering.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Susan Estrich on Arianna Huffington:

"This is, after all, the woman who runs against oil interests and lives in a mansion financed by oil money, rails against pigs at the trough and pays no taxes, runs as an independent and supports a guru. She's even got a documentary crew following her for the campaign. I wonder if they filmed the children moving out.

In truth, I find her charming, as such people can be. She is who she is, and she makes no bones about it. She used to be against feminism and now supports it; used to be a conservative and now isn't; encouraged her husband to support Proposition 187 and now opposes it; used to support Gingrich and now opposes him; opposes corporate tax breaks yet takes advantage of them; rails against oil wealth and lives off it; vows to take care of children and ignores the needs of her own.

It is the people supporting her whom I find utterly inexplicable -- or, rather, indefensible. She doesn't pretend to have principles. But don't they?

The ease with which she has taken Hollywood by storm is an embarrassing confirmation of the shallowness of my hometown. Don't people care that just 10 minutes ago, she railed against everything and everyone she now embraces? I didn't know, some say blankly."

From Tim Blair:

"Letter of the week, from Peter Kennedy in today’s Australian:

Now that rebels are bombing the UN, water mains and oilfields belonging to the Iraqi people, where are all the human shields from Western countries who volunteered to sit on these structures to protect them from the evil Americans? It seems shielding the Iraqi people's vital assets is only necessary if it supports a brutal dictator."

Read the comments too.

Yesterday Kofi Annan blamed the U.S. for the lack of security at the U.N. building in Iraq. Of course he did. The U.S. is always to blame for everything.

Now, the truth is out. The Vancouver Sun has it (emphasis mine):

"'Security around our location was not as secure as you might find at the U.S. compound, and that was a decision we made so the offices were available to the people,' said chief UN spokesman Fred Eckhard, in comments that appeared to confirm the UN had refused U.S. help. 'We did not think at the time we were taking an unnecessary risk.'"

Wow. A journalist for the Sunday Times told the Hutton inquiry in England that David Kelly characterized Andrew Gilligan's report as "bullshit." Wow.

Furthermore, David Kelly described the dossier that Gilligan reported as being "sexed up" as being "factual and credible."

It appears that Andrew Gilligan and the BBC were on a mission to slant the news to fit their views and they almost got away with it.

The BBC. Impartial my ass.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I have a new installment for the, "YOU GOTTA BE SHITTIN' ME! file. It's about tomatoes (via Instapundit).

The Independent is reporting on the illegal tomato seed trade. That's right. It's illegal to grow your own tomatoes in England without registering your seeds which costs more than $1600 in initial fees and more than $275 in annual fees:

"The Plant Varieties and Seeds Act (1964) makes these tomatoes forbidden fruit - well, at least the seeds from which they are grown. According to the act, anyone wanting to sell the seeds of a fruit or vegetable must first register the variety on a National List. Before registration, it must be tested to ensure it is "distinct, uniform and stable", and a fee must be paid. Sadly for amateur growers, these fees add up to nearly £1,000, in the case of tomatoes, plus an annual renewal fee of £185. There are no exceptions, no grants for amateur growers, and it is illegal for anyone to sell the seeds of unregistered fruit or, by implication, the fruit itself."

You gotta be shittin' me.

Update: I'm obligated to report that I was mistaken. In my comments section, John sets the record straight.

Terry Eastland's latest piece for The Weekly Standard is titled, "All The Rage." It's about the rage the left feels.

With that said, I would like to add that most of what is happening to the Democrats is self-inflicted. The party is simly out of touch with America. It took a righward lurch by Bill Clinton to get him elected and even then he never got more than 50% of the vote.

The 2004 election is shaping up to be another embarrassment for the Democratic party. The Democrat reaction to Iraq is neither principled nor consistent. It's simply hatred for George W. Bush and, in many cases, anti-Americanism that is driving their opposition. Needless to say this is not a winning position for the Democrats, but the base is too full of impotent rage to see that they are driving off a cliff.

I read reports like this all the time. This article is from a Marine Lance Cpl. who is reporting that the media are not telling the whole story about what's going in Iraq. Why am I not surprised?

Glenn Reynolds featured a link filled post just after the bombing of the U.N. buildling in Baghdad yesterday. Here is my favorite part (minus the links):

"Rand Simberg, meanwhile, says that the U.N. should start asking 'why do they hate us?'"

"There's more on this here. This event seems to be inducing an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance in lefty antiwar bloggers, who are responding -- as always -- by blaming the messenger. I guess it's like the Hitler/Stalin pact all over again, or something. . . . Get over it guys. You may hate Bush -- but it's not about Bush, and you're trying to make it about Bush so that you don't have to face what it's really about -- people who want you just as dead as they want John Ashcroft, and don't see any difference anyway, except that you might serve their cause as useful idiots, for a while, before they kill you, too."

Sunday, August 17, 2003

A new poll is showing that Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante is leading Arnold Schwarzenegger in the race to replace Grey Davis as governor of California.

I really don't care who wins as long as California doesn't come to the federal government looking for a bailout. Actually, it might serve California right to be stuck with Grey Davis for three more years. The easy way out for the Democrats is to have the recall. That way they don't have to make the hard choices of cutting services and raising taxes. If a Republican wins the blame will fall on the Republican party if this mess isn't straightened out in three years. Voters have short memories and you can bet the Democrats will be pounding the tables about cruel, evil Republican cuts in social services and unfair tax breaks for business.

Five years from now the history will be that Republicans threw old people and children out in the streets because the rich didn't want to pay taxes and how the Democrats were helpless to stop the bloodshed because the evil Republicans were heartless bastards who lied and deceived the people about a non-existent revenue problem so that the rich could rake in billions. I can see it now.