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Saturday, July 05, 2003

The Opinion Journal features an article about the coming avalanche of lawsuits against food producers and fast food:

"As silly as it is, the coming legal assault on junk food was predictable. The tobacco victories, which followed big scores in asbestos and breast implants, have made the trial lawyers richer and more cocksure than ever. The profession seems incapable of policing its own, and the result has been an explosion of self-interested legal entrepreneurs masquerading as public servants. The politicians, particularly Democrats, have done little to advance the cause of tort reform, lest they clog a major artery of campaign contributions."

Yes, many politicians, especially democrats, receive a lot of money from the trial lawyers. It's one of their biggest supporters along with the unions. They don't want to piss them off by supporting tort reform.

I had to wonder just who this "hero" The New York Times said was dividing blacks. It turns out that the hero in question is President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe, the despot of Zimbabwe. The man who is killing the (black) opposition and who is running white farmers off land that many feel was stolen from the natives of that nation when the British took over all those years ago.

I won't even discuss the issue of the ethnic cleansing that's taking place.

What I will discuss is the reaction from many black Americans to the brutality of Mugabe in the suppression of opposition parties in Zimbabwe. Here's an excerpt from the Times piece:

"But the decision to condemn Mr. Mugabe publicly — which was hailed as long overdue in some quarters — has also touched off an outcry among some black intellectuals, activists and Africa watchers. Mr. Mugabe, who has led Zimbabwe since white rule ended in 1980, is still considered a hero by some African-Americans. And in some e-mail messages and on radio talk shows, the signers of the letter have been described as politically naïve, sellouts and misguided betrayers of Africa's liberation struggle.

Angry critics have sent e-mail messages to those who signed the letter, saying in one instance that they "do not represent African-Americans." On a left-leaning radio station in New York City, WBAI-FM, several people have called to complain. "Whatever black Africans in Zimbabwe decide to do," said a caller who identified herself as Missy from Queens, "I think black Africans here, we should join them."

Did you catch that word "sellout" in the first paragraph? Did you notice how "Missy" insists that African-Americans must support Zimbabwe (Mugabe) no matter what he does?

Black leftists are intolerant of any thought different than their own. Diverging from the monolithic opinion will be met with cries of sellout and other such accusations of Uncle Tomism.

Lack of political diversity is the number one problem for black people, but I believe progress is being made.

Friday, July 04, 2003

This is brilliant. Thanks Rodney.

As some of you may know, I've had a running debate with Kamau and his friend Walter about race in America. It turned out to be an exercise in futility.

Kamau is very extreme in his views. He is very leftwing in his outlook as anyone who visits his weblog will deduce in a matter of seconds. He reads the most far left literature I have ever seen. I think it's safe to say that he would regard The Nation as centrist and The New York Times as a right wing propaganda rag. Kamau has a typical leftwing hopelessness in everything he reads and writes. It exudes from him. Visit his site. For example:

"As you know, as of late, Bush has been trying to shove (my emphasis) genetically modified foods down African throats." What kind of image does that convey? His posts are full of that sort of language. It's not helpful and it could even be destructive to young minds.

Walter is more rational. He actually condemned President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and he links to such conservative sites as Oxblog and National Review, but the overwhelming number of his links are to leftwing outlets. As I said, he's more rational than Kamau, but he's still very much left of center in his viewpoint.

The whole race debate started when I stumbled across Kamau's post on Whiteness Studies at American universities.

After reading a while it became clear that Kamau is an extremely ethnocentric man who blames the white man for all the black man's problems and faults. That will probably never change. But I felt compelled to leave a response anyway. I listed several areas where I believed the black man had serious shortcomings. Needless to say, Kamau and Walter did not take kindly to that post and others.

Both men told me that I am white (I am) and because I'm white my opinion does not count. To be fair, Walter said he respects other white people's opinion, just not mine.

For clarification, my view is that black people were, and to an extent still are, treated unfairly in this nation. Slavery was an abomination. Jim Crow laws were an evil blight on our society. This is the dominant viewpoint of conservatives in this country no matter what these men believe. So when Walter says that he respects white opinion, just not mine, he's saying that he respects white opinion that matches his views and that he doesn't respect the opinion of millions of conservatives like me. In other words, he likes white liberal opinion.

As I was saying, Walter and Kamau at some point in our back and forth told me that because I'm white my opinion doesn't count. Kamau went so far as to say, in so many words, that the only people who had an opinion that counted was left wing black opinion. He narrowed it down to those people because, as he sees it, conservative blacks are tools of the white man. You see, we're trying to choose black leaders for black people.

But the bottom line is that both Walter and Kamau told me that I didn't know what it was to be black and how dare I have an opinion. It's a black thing. On the other hand, they are perfectly positioned to lecture white people on our failings. But the standard does not work both ways. So what we ended up with was Kamau and Walter want to lecture me. They want me to sit quietly and listen to them rail against the white establishment while they exonerate the black man for any complicity is his situation. The want to "educate" me to the black experience. They don't want to hear what I have to say unless I'm apologizing.

I finally gave up. It's useless for us to have any discussion on race unless the black man can be honest with himself. I keep hearing calls for a discussion on race, but my experience has left me with the realization that the only discussion people like Kamau and Walter want is a discussion of the best way for white people to make amends.

I wish our lawmakers would keep quiet about Saddam's weapons programs until they are actually ready to release something to the public.

Here's the first line from that Washington Times article:

"Senior Republican senators returning from Iraq yesterday said U.S. officials there showed them proof of Saddam Hussein's weapons programs, and the lawmakers expect the information to be made public soon."

Put up or shut up.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

This is absolutely remarkable to me. A man has been arrested for making more than 900 prank emergency 911 calls. That's remarkable enough, but what's even more surprising to me is the poll that accompanies the news. So far, out of 11,270 votes, 73% or 8,252 think nothing should be done to the man because this is nothing more than a prank.

What's wrong with these people? 900 prank calls to 911 in less than two months and the people of Palm Beach think it's no big deal? Wow.

I've read a couple of articles about Sabine Herold and now National Review has an article about this rising star in French politics. She's a 21 year old college student who seems like the only person in France who's been willing to speak out against the striking public sector labor unions.

Here's how she began:

"As striking workers marched through her hometown of Reims, northeast of Paris, she spontaneously denounced them from the steps of city hall on May 25. Suddenly, there were 2,000 citizens cheering her on and listening intently to her attacks on the strikers, the federal government, and a loss of French dynamism, and entrepreneurial spirit.

A star was born.

The next thing Herold knew, she was the leader of a national movement. On June 15, she addressed a crowd of 18,000 in Paris with the same message. Beautiful, articulate, and willing to say things that no national leader has been willing to say in France in decades, Herold became a heroine to the oppressed middle class. Squeezed on all sides by taxes, high unemployment, slow growth, and an unresponsive political class, all they needed was a leader when she burst on the scene."

Here's a picture of Sabine.

Nicole Gelinas has some insight into the state of the Mexican economy:

"Mexico is hemorrhaging its jobs to China.

Mexico can no longer compete with China on cost. The average Mexican worker makes $2.96 an hour in salary and benefits; the Chinese worker makes just 72 cents. Mexico has lost 200,000 jobs directly to China in the last 18 months alone, Fitch Ratings reported last month."

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Kamau is telling me how well he's doing:

"Not that I owe you any explanation, but I am a very well-educated, well-studied, well-read, articulate and very successful African-American man who would hardly fit into the "hopeless" category you so cavalierly toss about."

My response:

"Wow. You must be a superman. You're a wealthy, successful, educated, articulate black man in this evil, racist, bigoted, white privileged, oppressive society where black leaders are picked by the white man. You must be a one in a million. What am I talking about? You must be a one in ten million. Who would ever think that a black man could be so successful or would have even been to college for that matter. Wow. You are an extraordinary black man."

I'm joking of course.

My debate with Kamau continues. Here's my response to his latest post:

"Oh good lord. This post is a great example of the sort of hopelessness you represent.

You're trying to tell us, me, that white people pick your leaders. That's utterly preposterous, but to your mind it's real. You're telling any black person who's reading your post that it's useless to even try because white people even pick black leaders. That's how rigged the system is.

I think you do black people a great disservice when you make silly statements like that. White people no more pick black leaders than do Jews pick the pope.

Also, when you say that conservative black leaders "deny that we have been wronged to any significant degree in the first place and that the playing field is now perfectly level" you are engaging in stealth Uncle Tomism. You don't have to come right out and accuse them of it, but your accusation is perfectly clear.

Oh and one last thing. I thought diversity was the supreme goal. Or is that diversity of skin color only? What about diversity of political opinion? Isn't that important?"

Monday, June 30, 2003

Jay Nordlinger has an excellent Impromptus column today.

My favorite part is this about a New York Times story:

"To Israelis, [Jubarah] is a mass murderer." Only to Israelis, huh? What about to all the other people who can recognize mass murder when they see it? "But Mr. Jubarah — now 66, the longest-serving Palestinian prisoner, the parent of children he barely knows and the grandfather of children he has never met — was released three weeks ago, in a concession by Israel to encourage a new peace process. Since then, he has emerged as the symbol of a popular Palestinian movement for the release of prisoners."

Well, that's really lovely. But would it have killed the New York Times to name the 13 people this man killed? The terrorist gets a nice photo, walking the street with his wife and all. No doubt the 13 killed would have liked to walk the street with their own loved ones — to know their own grandchildren, to fulfill their own destinies. (Now I'm engaging in emotional rhetoric — see how capable I am?)"

Don't you just love how the New York Times makes a pitiful victim out of a mass murderer?

What an unbelievable story.

"Blair Hornstine became a celebrity this spring by suing the Moorestown school district. To accommodate unspecified disabilities, the district had arranged home instruction for most of her high school career. This proved an academic boon--she ended up with a 4.689 grade point average, .055 higher than runner-up Kenneth Mirkin's 4.634. For a variety of reasons, superintendent Paul Kadri wanted to name the two of them co-valedictorians. Whereupon Blair sued--not just to retain the distinction for herself but also for $2.7 million in damages. She won the first round--getting an injunction that made her the sole valedictorian."

This girl and her father manipulated the Americans with Disabilities Act to gain an advantage over rivals to win class valedictorian.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

I found The Black Hand Side weblog purely by accident. It's one of those times where following links lead me to an unexpected site that provoked a strong response.

The author of the site is Kamau and he has a pretty interesting site. I appreciate his obvious intelligence while, at the same, having a visceral response to his varied opinions. He's a leftist you see and it's clear that his worldview is colored by hopelessness, racism, and a deep mistrust of anything white.

Here's the response (maybe Kamau will visit my blog and leave a comment) I left to his post on Whiteness Studies:

"I love how you embrace and wallow in your victimhood.

I'm going to tell you what the black man's biggest problems are:

(1) You can't be a republican and be authentically black. Black intellectuals that don't embrace leftwing ideology are Uncle Toms, wannabes, house niggers, and oreos. Justice Clarence Thomas is a great man, but he's vilified because he doesn't toe the liberal line. Ditto for any other black man who doesn't share Jesse Jackson's or Al Sharpton's viewpoint.

(2) Black parents do not take responsibility for making sure their children get educated because people like you tell them that's it's useless because the whole system is set up for and by whitey.

(3) Black chidren are tormented if they speak properly or otherwise exhibit non-black traits. In other words, black peer pressure creates an atmosphere whereby black academic achievement is less respected that a prison term

(4) Black on black crime. Enough said.

(5) The breakdown of the black family because of failed leftwing welfare policies.

(6) Gangsta rap. A horrible, defeatist, hopeless and violent genre of music that is nearly universally celebrated as central to black culture.

(7) Victimhood. The black man is a constant victim. This viewpoint is repeated by nearly every black leader. The hopelessness inspired by this attitude is crippling, especially to young people. This attitude defeats any entrepreneurial spirit before it can ever take wing and that keeps the black man looking to the federal government for employment far above any other racial group.

(8) Racism. Yes, it still exists, but the previously mentioned black problems ensure that this remains a problem for the black man.

I could go on, but I have other things to do."

I wonder if he'll call me a racist. Seriously.