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Friday, March 07, 2003

Those weasels the French have been selling Iraq spare parts for it's fighter planes and military helicopters.

Haven't the French been telling us that the sanctions have been containing Saddam? This pretty much proves that's not true. The nations that oppose us are mostly opposing us because they are nervous about American hyper-power, but military and oil contracts have also been a major reason for Russian, French, and German obstinance.

Some people are wondering what we'll find once we oust Saddam. What have the French and German's done? Have they been disregarding the sanctions against Iraq that the U.N. has in place? It's likely that we'll find out.

The Associated Press is reporting that two of Osama Bin Laden's sons were arrested in Afghanistan, but the White House is denying the reports by saying they had no information that would suggest any of the sons had been detained:

According to the AP, a U.S. official said, "We, in fact, think it's wrong" speaking about the report.

Someone was captured. I don't know how reliable The Balochistan Post (via The Corner) is, but here's an excerpt:

"According to sources two US helicopters carrying American commandos landed near Noshki on Wednesday. They also said that a large number of Western correspondents rushed to the site. Reports said that Pakistani troops were also there and the whole day on Thursday a significant troops movement was seen in the area.

These sources said that US officials and Western correspondents were apparently very exited as if they have achieved a big success, meaning they have been able to make a 'big catch'."

It's sure looks like something significant happened.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Michael Ledeen faithfully and passionately reports on events in Iran. This past weekend there was an election and Ledeen explains that the people voted no confidence by staying away from the polls in droves:

"The official reports speak of a ten-percent turnout in Tehran and other major cities, with higher participation elsewhere. If those numbers were accurate, it would represent a massive abstention, and hence an enormous vote of no confidence in the system. But the real numbers are worse still: Of the roughly seven million people entitled to vote in Tehran, less than 70,000 actually voted. I make that about one percent. These data come directly from a high-ranking official involved in the elections office, who was shocked by the results."

Did our Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage really call Iran a democracy? Wow. That's unbelievable.

Way cool photo of western Europe taken from the space shuttle Columbia. Via Andrew Sullivan.

Ouch. An absolutely blistering piece about the childish anti-Americanism taking place in the world. What if President Bush said:

"Enough. The American people are weary of holding the world's rogue regimes and barbarians at bay in the face of sneers and obstructionism from faithless 'allies' such as France, Germany and South Korea, who owe their freedom to America. So I have decided, with a heavy heart, to acquiesce in the profoundly misguided but implacable demands of world opinion and to end our efforts to disarm Iraq and liberate its oppressed people. From this point forward, my policy will be to defend the United States and our true friends. We will pull our troops out of Germany, the Persian Gulf, and South Korea. We will disengage from NATO and the United Nations. I will urge Congress to invest the savings in airtight border controls and missile defense. And I will begin a crash program to end U.S. reliance on Persian Gulf oil.

"We will leave our critics to deal as best they can with nuclear-armed North Korea; with soon-to-be-nuclear-armed Iraq, Iran, and maybe Libya, Syria, and Indonesia; and with the nascent black market in doomsday weapons for terrorists. It has become clear that the United States and our friends cannot long prevent the spread of such weapons while nations such as France and Germany undermine our efforts and trade with our enemies."

I wish I'd said it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

MCI employs Danny Glover as their spokesman. Here's my letter to MCI:

I couldn't help notice that you have hired a famous anti-American as your spokesman. Yes, Danny Glover is a well-known anti-American and I am angry that he is your spokesman. I am keeping a running list of the celebrities who have chosen Saddam over the U.S. and Glover is one of the most prominent. Here's the link to a Frontpage magazine article that details Glover's disgusting behavior:

Here's the content of the article (Glover is the number 3 ranked "Most Dishonorable American"):

3. Danny Glover: Also joining the chorus of affluent America-haters is actor Danny Glover, who, while attending last year’s International Festival of New Latin American Film in Cuba, condemned U.S. sanctions and threats of a war against Iraq. "Our government has declared itself an uncontested empire," Glover said, agreeing with Harry Belafonte’s assertion that the Bush administration seeks only "to extend its imperialist, economic and political domination all over the planet." "My position on the war is very clear," says Glover, "above all for the impact that it will have on women and children in Iraq who are already suffering the consequences of sanctions." He does not mention that the sanctions are in place for one reason alone: Saddam’s utter refusal to comply with the terms to which he agreed following the Gulf War. At the February 15 "peace" rally in New York, Glover had nothing negative to say about Saddam, while he condemned President Bush and "his administration of liars and murderers."

I won't forget which celebrities have chosen brutal dictators over the U.S. and Glover is at the top of that list.

I just wanted you to know. By the way, I won't be doing any business with MCI anytime soon. I used to use 10-10-220 frequently, but that's over.

The next time you need a spokesman, you might consider someone who hates the U.S. just a little less. Jacques Chirac would be an improvement.

Sean Roper

The Telegraph is reporting that:

"Several thousand allied special forces, including more than 300 SAS personnel, are already operating inside Iraq."

The war might well be over before we have a chance to digest the fact that it has begun.

Monday, March 03, 2003

I'm sitting here watching Oprah (no, I never watch Oprah) and her guest today is Michael Moore. I can't stand it. I had to write her a letter, but I didn't think to save it before I sent it. I was nice, but I let Oprah know that Michael Moore had deceived her and I gave her the link to the Forbes magazine article that details Moore's lies and I also sent her the link to a Spinsanity article that details his lies and distortions. What's most infuriating is how Oprah seems willing and eager to accept what Moore is saying. It's like she wants black people to be absolved of any responsibility they have to their community. It's typical leftwing ideology and liberal philosophy. Black people aren't responsible for the murder of other black people. It's whitey's fault.

Oprah is also repeating and loving Moore's distortion of the crime statistics. Moore said that white people commit most murder, but statistics show that, although black people are only 11%-13% of the population, they commit more than 50% of the murders. Oprah nodded her head approvingly when Moore said that. He said it without one ounce of proof and she was so eager to believe it that she just accepted his numbers.

Oprah also LOVED Moore's cartoon where he expressed his theory of the history of America. She LOVED it! Nevermind that it was a gross distortion of the truth. She loved it because it exonerated black people of any complicity in the slave trade or any other shortcoming within the black community.

I sent her one letter, but I'm going to send her another letter with the link to this post.

I normally don't read Peggy Noonan's articles for Opinion Journal and I can't say exactly why I read this one. Something drove me to it and I can't say what it was, but I am ever so glad that I did read it. It's brilliant.

Ms. Noonan starts off by saying that Andrew Cuomo asked her to contribute to a book of essays on the future of the Democratic party and she ends up with a laundry list of reasons why the Democratic party is on the verge of collapse or irrelevance.

I want to just clip a couple of her quotes. I will let the reader digest what she has to say.

"The Democratic Party will now stick with its guy forever, no matter how harmful he is. Perhaps you call that loyalty, and perhaps there's something to it, but a bigger part, I believe, is that you have come to think that winning is everything--that victory is the purpose of politics."

"The mistake the Democrats made was to allow their antiwar movement to become infused with bitterness and hostility, with a spirit of destructiveness. By the end the animating spirit of the movement looked something like this: We do not love this place; we prefer leaders unsullied by the grubby demands of electoral politics; we are drawn to the ideological purity of Ho, Fidel, Mao. And by the way we're taking over: Oppose our vision and we'll take care of you by revolutionary means." (Ain't that the truth?!)

"This is the Democratic paradox: You want so much to run America and yet you seem not so fond of Americans."

"Your great hope now is more calamity. If George W. Bush suffers a post 9/11 disaster at home or abroad in the next few years it may--may--propel a Democrat into the White House. But who respects a party whose great hope is widespread pain?"

"Stop the ideology. A lot of Democratic Party movers and intellectuals have created or inherited a leftist ideology that they try to impose on life. It doesn't spring from life; it's forced on life, and upon people. Stop doing that--it's what weirdos who are detached from reality do. Have a philosophy instead of an ideology, hold it high and dear, and attempt to apply it, not impose it.

Respect normal Americans again, even those who are not union members. We're all touched by grace, we all deserve a voice, and you could learn a few things if you'd listen to those who've had to struggle through life.

And by the way, I'd like it if you started smoking again, at least for a while. Democrats were nicer when they smoked. Then they let all those Carrie Nation types in the party beat them to a pulp, and regular Democrats stopped feeling free to be regular flawed messy humans."

Wow. Ms. Noonan has hit the nail on the head.

I would have been a Democrat 60 years ago.

Also from Nordlinger's Impromptus column:

"While reading The (London) Spectator, I spotted a phrase I very much liked. You know how we Amurricans have “all hat and no cattle,” plus other variations? From this British writer, I read, “all gong and no dinner.” I had to read it over a couple of times, but once it registered, it pleased."

All gong and no dinner. I love it.

Jay Nordlinger is reporting:

"The U.S. government sent 5,101 books to Cuba, destined for independent libraries and opposition groups. The shipment included Steinbeck, Martin Luther King — even Marx (Groucho — seriously). All of the books were confiscated by the regime: $68,770.41 worth of them. And where are the objections from our civil-liberties groups? Ah, you know where they are! Nowhere."

Where are the civil libertarians? This is the sort of thing they accuse Attorney General John Ashcroft of doing. Yes, they have to twist and contort the facts, but they are willing to go to any lengths to make the accusation. Castro gets a pass. It's because they understand and approve of his intentions. Castro is protecting the Cubans. It's for their own good. That's good enough for the left. They love to decide what is best for everyone.

I'm skeptical. The Sun is reporting that the war will begin as soon as next Thursday.

"A top US intelligence source said last night: 'The moment we know we have the nine votes needed, we will go for it. The military won’t hang around after that.'”

I'll believe it when I see it.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

The Telegraph has a piece titled, "Inside the deluded world of the 'human shields'" and that pretty much says it all.

I am amazed that people like this really exist. These people are so convinced of their moral superiority that they are willing to make complete and utter fools out of themselves. Of course, they don't see that they are fools. They see themselves as noble and heroic, but an excerpt from the piece reveals the true nature of these "activists":

"Bruce, a 24-year-old Canadian wearing a T-shirt saying "I don't want to die", was one of a group of tanned young men who were drafted into protect a grain store. Initially, he, like others, had concerns about the sites, which included an oil refinery, a water purification plant and electricity stations. He was won over when the Iraqis provided televisions, VCRs, telephones and a Play Station.

"Dr Hashimi has explained that we help the population more by staying in the 'strategic sites'," he explained. His friend added: "We play football in the afternoons and the Iraqis bring us cartons of cigarettes. It's just like summer camp."

I am continually surprised at the behaviour of the left. These people were pacified by televisions, VCR's, telephones, and a Play Station. They were convinced to lay down their lives for Saddam Hussein by TV's, VCR's, telephones, and a Play Station. No doubt they used the TV's and the VCR's so they could see and record themselves in all their moral glory while talking on the phone to people who were telling them how brave and morally superior they were (which they already knew, but it's always nice to hear that sort of thing). The Play Station was for, well, you can't be a morally superior superhero 24 hours a day. Of course they had to find some way to unwind.