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Saturday, November 02, 2002

The New Republic has a great idea. They suggest that the US tell the Security Council (particularly France) to go fuck themselves because this would be a slap in their face that has been a long time coming. I tend to agree.

To me, this is the model of a weblog. I wish I had the time, brains, and imagination to create a weblog half as good.

Friday, November 01, 2002

James Lileks dissects and analyzes Walter Mondale's speech to Minnesota voters. A sample:

"The entire press conference was full of these vague declamations - it was a litany defrosted from 1984, and made one wonder how things could be so bad after the eight marvelous years of the Clinton administration. I mean, it’s like we’re at square one - the environment is being ravaged, Big Money corrupts the political process, America is in cowboy mode, tax cuts are favoring that spat-clad Monopoly guy with the cigar and the silk top hat, minorities wail under the boot of oppression, and Minnesota needs a well-connected elderly white corporate lawyer to fight - FIGHT! - the entrenched interests represented by other well-connected white corporate lawyers."

I wish Lileks' piece could be turned into a pamphlet and distributed to Minnesota voters so they can understand the bullshit that Mondale was handing them. Who am I kidding? The average Minnesota voter is far left on the political scale and probably teared up listening to Mondale's speech. They don't want to hear that Walter Mondale is speaking about some fantasy world that doesn't exist and hasn't existed for many years now. It sounds good and that is THE most important consideration to the people on the left. They want to hear an emotional speech by an emotional man who finds gut wrenching social injustice behind every door.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

This is one way to deal with Muslim terrorists.

According to Israel National (via The Corner), Russia buried the Chechen Muslim terrorists in pigskin. One of the reasons that Muslims martyr themselves is so that they can enjoy the rewards in Paradise, but a burial in an unclean pigskin is a way to use their beliefs against them as it would deny them a place in heaven.

Can you imagine if the US government did something like this? Can you imagine the uproar? The left would have a mass group fit of outrage over this racial insensitivity. Nevermind that Muslims could avoid this fate by not being terrorists.

The Atlantic is one of the most intelligent and enlightening online magazines that I read. They have an excellent article called A Post Saddam Scenario that soberly discusses the effects of regime change in Iraq and what it will mean for Iraq's neighbors.

Robert Kaplan says that "dynamic change" is about to occur as a result of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. I understand that many people may be concerned about this dynamic change and are thus opposed to the coming war. But I believe that we have seen the effects of maintaining the status quo and it has become untenable. We have been forced to create a dynamic change by a chain of events that started with Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait. As a result of the invasion, the US was forced to send troops to protect the Saudi oil fields and to remove Hussein from Kuwait. Yes, that war was about oil. Can you imagine what Hussein would have done if he had been allowed to corner the oil market? Saudi Arabia has the world's largest known reserve of oil and the revenue from that oil would have been used to finance Hussein's armies and weapons programs. He was a threat to not only the region, but to the world. As a result of his invasion, the US had to send troops to the Muslim holy land. This defilement by infidels was the basis for Osama bin Laden's declaration of war against the US. As a result of our multilateral effort to evict Hussein from Kuwait while allowing him to stay in power, we are now faced with the need to effect radical change in the Middle East. The shortsightedness of the coalition in 1991 is being felt today. We are not to blame for the current world crisis. The coalition that insisted that we leave Saddam Hussein in power in 1991 is directly responsible for the situation we are in now. That's what we get for being multilateral. We should have removed him in 1991, but we were restrained by the force of world opinion. World opinion was wrong then and they are wrong now when they tell us to not invade Iraq. We must do what we know is right. We listened to them in 1991 and the current situation is the result.

I am not a rap fan, but I did know enough about it to know that Run DMC was a pioneer of the genre. They were not the typical rap group or rather, they were not what has become the typical rap group. From all indications they were also decent, hardworking, inspirational, and generally good people who deserved all the acclaim they received. They were symbols of all that was good about rap. Sadly, Jason Mizell aka DJ Jam Master Jay was shot and killed Wednesday night.

Here's Jonah Goldberg's excellent piece on the "Wellstone Democrats" and here's a quote:

"In short, so long as they hold onto the Senate, the Clinton Democrats — who often found Wellstone's principles inconvenient — will find him more useful dead than alive. They will rewrite the story of his life to fit any cause they choose — much as they have done with other Democratic martyrs like John and Robert Kennedy (a Cold War anti-Communist and the attorney general who personally authorized the bugging of Martin Luther King, respectively). Wellstone's distinctiveness and honesty will melt in a warm pool of mass-marketed nostalgia. And, if Republicans complain, Democrats will simply charge insensitivity and laugh all the way to the bank."

The reactions to the Wellstone rally are coming in and it appears that most people, Democrats excepted, were horrified at the behavior exhibited. Governor Ventura and Trent Lott were booed when they were shown on the giant TV screens that were in the hall. Jesse's wife broke down in tears. This is what they get for coming to honor a man? From all indications the Democrats were in a feeding frenzy that night. They smelled blood in the water and became temporarily insane. They behaved like a wild mob and showed how the left can lose control of themselves and become the murderous ideologues that they became so well-known for in the 20th century. That group mentality caused them to lose all sense of decorum and rationality. They fed on the images of Ventura and Lott and it caused them to grow bolder in their hate and zeal. The Democratics are simply power mad. If they have to use a corpse to maintain control of the senate, then so be it. Anything to win an election. That's the golden rule of Clintonian politics and the Democrats learned that lesson well.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

The memorial service for Paul Wellstone became a political rally for the Democrats.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of the whole situation, but it was reported that the Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura and his wife, walked out of the event. No explanation was given, but the Star Tribune reported that Ventura and Senator Trent Lott left after it became clear that the event was nothing more than a campaign opportunity.

(Via The Drudge Report.)

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Jon Lauck has the details of the Democratic Party's effort to commit voter fraud in South Dakota. It doesn't appear that this is unintentional because the way the Democrats have set up the registration process virtually invites fraud. Here's how Lauck explains it:

"At the heart of the problem is the Democrats' decision to adopt the unorthodox practice of paying $3-per-head bounties for voter-registration cards and absentee-ballot requests, making fraud practically inevitable. The more registration cards and absentee-ballot requests one fills out, the greater the size of one's check from the South Dakota Democratic party — and, naturally, the greater dimensions of the voter-fraud problem election officials must now untangle."

I said it before and I am saying it now: The Democrats are unethical, unprincipled, immoral and untrustworthy. They have decided that they are the best thing for America and if they have to lie, cheat, and steal to win elections then so be it. They seem to consider it nothing more than bad tasting medicine: "Yes, it tastes bad and you can't help but make a face at it, but it's good for you. You'll see. We know what is best for you."

Tech Central Station has this article that almost breathlessly informs the reader that a medical revolution(!) is on the way. What's this new and exciting innovation you ask? Statistics. Yawn. That was my reaction. I know I should care, but it's hard to get excited over these things. Anyway, here's what Jay Bryant says in the piece:

"Something really important is underway. It has the potential to improve the quality of life for millions of people, make vast fortunes for a few, stimulate the world economy, change fundamental human attitudes and create enormous passion, controversy, fear and loathing.

In recent days and weeks, financial commitments have been made. The race is on, and no one knows just where it will end.

Over the next five years, hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent to identify those most at risk of chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease."

It sounds to me like the next Bill Gates will come from this revolution. I hope I can identify and invest in the technology that will come from all this.

Larry Elder is not saying anything new in his piece about gun control, but it is worth saying again and again. Just as environmentalist lies have to be countered again and again and again with the facts, gun control advocates must be confronted again and again and again with the facts so they aren't allowed to get away with their lies. I understand that Elder wrote this piece because gun control advocates were rejuvenated by the sniper so I don't fault him for repeating what most people should already know. Then again, maybe people don't know. Here's some stats from Elder's column:

"Why does Switzerland, a country that requires a military-style rifle, plus ammunition, in every home, enjoy a very low homicide rate?

Why does Israel, a country where perhaps 10 percent of citizens possess permits to carry concealed weapons, enjoy a very low murder rate?

Why do gun-control proponents fail to mention countries with homicide rates higher than ours, including Brazil and Russia, with very restrictive gun-control laws?

Why does Washington, D.C., a district whose laws make it illegal to buy, possess, transport or acquire a handgun, experience the highest per capita murder rates in the nation?

Why does Canada, a nation of 31 million citizens, with official estimates of 7 million guns – although other experts place the number at 25 million – enjoy a low per capita murder rate?

Why did America, a hundred years ago, when citizens could purchase guns anonymously and with few of today's restrictions, enjoy a murder rate of 1.2 per 100,000, vs. the 5.5 rate in 2000?

Why don't gun-control proponents talk about the rising murder rate in severely gun-restricted England? "The American murder rate," writes Reason magazine, "which had fluctuated by about 20 percent between 1974 and 1991, was 'in startling free-fall.' We have had nine consecutive years of sharply declining violent crime. As a result the English and American murder rates are converging. In 1981, the American rate was 8.7 times the English rate, in 1995 it was 5.7 times the English rate, and the latest study puts it at 3.5 times.'"

A few weeks ago I read a seemingly innocuous piece that said a regional newspaper, the Centre Daily Times in State College, Pa. had discontinued Ann Coulter's column because the editor was tired of her "hate" speech. Now, I find out that the editor who discontinued Ann's column has been fired.

I love Ann Coulter's style and humor. If my paper had discontinued her column I would have been pissed too. Looks like the editor made a serious miscalculation and paid.

Tammy Bruce has nothing but contempt for Aaron Brown of CNN. I am no fan of his, in fact I can't say I have EVER watched his show. but I was surprised at the level of her disgust for Aaron Brown. I guess the thing that surprised me is how much contempt Bruce has for Aaron Brown and CNN. Speaking about the night that the sniper's name was released and reported here's what Bruce has to say about Brown:

"In his politically correct confusion that night, Brown exposed himself as a man determined to save us from our racist, Muslim-hating selves. Yes, we learned, once again, that a Muslim had probably murdered another bunch of people, with his illegal alien buddy. But please Skippy, save us. Make sure we think nice, calm thoughts so we don’t think critically, come to judgement, or as the Fox News Channel would encourage, "decide" for ourselves. For without you, we would view the world realistically, leaving you all alone in your pit of nonjudgmental morally vacuous faux serenity. Oops. According to the Nielsen ratings, you already are alone!"

Tammy is quickly becomine one of my favorites.

Monday, October 28, 2002

I am going to call this my first installment in the "You Gotta Be Shittin' Me!" file. Ok, it's not really a file.

From Opinion Journal, The Guardian is reporting that private citizens are going to be subject to racial bias lawsuits in England if they don't hire minorities for domestic help. What's next, will gay men be able to sue if parents refuse to hire them to take care of their young boys? The left in England is completely out of control. When are the British people going to get fed up with this type of multicultural bullshit and demand government rationality? This is just insane!

I read David Horowitz because I know the man understands leftwing tactics and politics very well. He used to be one of them, but when he realized what the left was becoming he grew to hate them and all that they believed. Now he has his own organization that is designed to fight the left by educating people as to their true motives and designs.

Here's Horowitz's piece on this past weekend's "Stop the War" protest in Washington D.C. David cuts through all the bull and tells people exactly who put on this demonstration and what they really hope to achieve:

"In politics it is important to call things by their right names. Otherwise you are fooling yourself with other people's propaganda. The press is reporting Saturday's "Stop the War" demonstration in Washington as though it was a peace march. Of course it was no such thing. It was a regrouping of the Communist left, the same left that supported Stalin and Mao and Ho. Indeed, this Communist left, organized by Ramsey Clark and his cohorts even supports Slobodan Milosevic, and of course Saddam Hussein. They are not pacifists and they are not peaceniks. They are anti-American radicals whose dream is a Communist revolution in America but whose immediate agenda is to force America's defeat in the war with terror we are now in."

Of course the Hollywood left is complicit in these aims, but I wonder if they really understand exactly who they are aligned with. I tend to believe that the Hollywood left is not as politically sophisticated as they would have people believe. Yes, Jane Fonda knew who she was aligned with and maybe Susan Sarandon, but I still wonder if most Hollywood leftists understand exactly who they are supporting when they call for the US to leave Saddam Hussein in power. I tend to think that they are just ignorant, but I could be wrong. wrote David Horowitz this letter in response to his blog comments on Noam Chomsky:

"The deep stupidity & blindness of everything I read in your "David's Blog" dated 10-23-02 is astounding - but then again, maybe not. Your type have never once thought an original thought or actually listened to an opposing argument (ex: "what the professors said is irrelevant"). You were told early on (and probably punished if you strayed)that this was "the way-the only way" and anything else is blasphemy or traitor worthy. You truly believe you have a corner on what's right? This country was founded on religious freedom - not your religion. Thank god for free speech and Chomsky. I am not surprised that his not even subtle parallels are lost on you. Remember? When any discussion begins to make you the least bit uncomfortable - you shut down your wee brain and beat the same ole drum. You are so much proof of evolution - genetics can't lie and you my son were way down on the brain cell line. go back to college and pay attention this time - quit being such a monkey."

Here's my letter to

I have read what Mr. Chomsky has said on a number of topics and it's my opinion that he is a liar. He twists and contorts most facts while conveniently ignoring many other facts.

He criticizes the US for it's behaviour during the Cold War, but completely ignores the context of the US actions. He called Afghanistan an attempt at genocide while completely ignoring the words of the relief workers who proclaimed that US food contributions had averted famine and starvation. He says that the US is responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 children in Iraq while completely ignoring the fact that Saddam Hussein is allowed to sell BILLIONS of dollars worth of oil each year to provide food and medicine for his people, but instead uses that money to buy loyalty, build palaces, and to develop his military and weapons programs.

Chomsky is a linguist and that means he understands exactly which words are most likely to incite people. He understands who his audience is and how to inflame their passions with exaggerations, distortions, lies, and spin. His anarchic views are not true representations of reality. He is a liar in the Michael Moore vein. Actually Moore probably developed his tactics from reading Chomsky, but you understand what I mean.

Noam Chomsky is typical of the left. He hates America and everything he believes is expressed in that context.

Sean Roper

Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus is always good, but only one thing really struck me today. I loved this:

"Last, in my column on Thursday, I referred to FDR and his famous statement, “I hate war.” But, I noted, that didn’t stop him from taking it to the Krauts and Nips, when he had to.

Some of my readers, believe it or not, wrote in to chide me for such language — “hate speech,” you know. But I was writing about World War II and the mentality of the time, including the vocabulary that went with it. And once in a while, you’re going to see some direct, salty, and otherwise discomfiting language in this column. If you can’t behold such language without wetting your pants . . . well, Impromptus isn’t for you.
Can’t please everyone! But, gosh, I’d like to, vain, ambitious, and idealistic as I am!"

Good for Nordlinger. I hate intolerant political correctness. If we choose to pick our words carefully so that we don't offend a particular group, that's one thing, but to have political correctness mandated and strictly enforced is pure evil. I was delighted to see Nordlinger give the pc set a smack up side their collective head. I loved that pants wetting line. They should be shook up from time to time. They must not be allowed to force us to adhere to their strict and intolerant demands.

For anyone who hasn't followed the Michael Bellesiles (pronounced Buh-leel) controvery, Melissa Seckora has a very good overview of the whole thing.

Bellesiles had a book published last year, Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture, that attempted to say that the American individual right to bear arms was not particularly important to the Founding Fathers. He said that he had records to support his thesis that America became a nation of gun owners only after the Civil War. Naturally gun control supporters loved his book and Bellesiles was eventually awarded the highly coveted Bancroft Prize that is given for American history writing.

Soon after Bellesiles's book was published people started investigating his evidence and it was discovered that Bellesiles had made up most of the things he cited. Here's an excerpt from Seckora's piece:

"But over the past year, Arming America has been at the center of a scandal. Bellesiles miscounted, misinterpreted, and made up substantial portions of the information Arming America is based on, his critics have contended. The earliest revelations of Bellesiles's academic irresponsibility focused on nonexistent probate records that he claimed to have read in San Francisco and in Providence, R.I. It turns out that the San Francisco records were destroyed in a 1906 earthquake and fire, and many of the Providence wills that Bellesiles says he read never existed. Bellesiles has also claimed that all of his research notes were destroyed in a flood in his campus office, a story that people at Emory familiar with the flood have cast doubt on."

And here's what happened when a committee was appointed to investigate Bellesiles's work:

"The committee's investigation focused on Bellesiles's use of probate records, which the New York Times has called "Mr. Bellesiles's principal evidence." Of particular interest was a key table on which the author's thesis is grounded. "Evaluating Table One is an exercise in frustration because it is almost impossible to tell where Bellesiles got his information. His source note lists the names of 40 counties, but supplies no indication of the exact records used or their distribution over time. After reviewing his skimpy documentation, we had the same question as [one reviewer] Gloria Main: 'Did no editors or referees ever ask that he supply this basic information?' … The best that can be said about his work with the probate and militia records is that he is guilty of unprofessional and misleading work.'"

Last week Michael Bellesiles was forced to resign from his job at Emory University.

I am skeptical whether Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva is the person to lead Brazil out of the deep economic problems it faces, but he was elected president yesterday in a landslide. Silva is a leftist who had the support of Brazil's poor, communists, and socialists, not to mention industrial leaders and bankers.

Brazil has a staggering 230 billion dollar debt and 50 million people in poverty. Silva has his work cut out for him.

A couple of sports related stories that I feel compelled to make note of. First, the California Angels beat the San Francisco Giants to win the 2002 World Series. I am not a huge baseball fan anymore, but I was glad to see the Angels win the series especially after that inspiring game 6 come-from-behind victory.

Also, Emmitt Smith broke Walter Payton's rushing record yesterday. I used to be a huge Dallas Cowboy fan before the Carolinas got a team. Congratulations Emmitt!

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Finally! Blogger has had some troubles today and I haven't been able to post anything since early this morning.

The Carolina Panthers have done it again! They lost in the final few minutes of their NFL game, this time to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I could write that same thing for nearly every loss and just replace the name of the team they gave the victory to.

I am sick of writing that the Panthers totally dominated the game only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It's making me crazy to see them self-destruct each freakin' week! The Panthers have lost five straight games and four of those were lost in the final minutes in games that they totally dominated and it seemed they couldn't lose. Then, out of the blue, like a lightning strike something unusual happens and the other teams ends us winning the game. They did this exact same thing last year where I would dare to say that at least 10 of their record setting 15 games they lost in a row should have been victories. They simply don't know how to win and I can't stand to watch it happen week after week after week. Thank Goodness they have a bye week this week.

Here are this week's football picks:

Sunday October 27, 01:00 PM EST
Detroit at Buffalo
Tennessee at Cincinnati
Seattle at Dallas
Chicago at Minnesota
Atlanta at New Orleans
Cleveland at NY Jets
Oakland at Kansas City
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Sunday October 27, 04:05 PM EST
Arizona at San Francisco
Sunday October 27, 04:15 PM EST
Denver at New England
Houston at Jacksonville
Sunday October 27, 08:30 PM EST
Indianapolis at Washington
Monday October 28, 09:00 PM EST
NY Giants at Philadelphia

TIEBREAKER: total points scored in Monday Night game: 40